Leading in Your Work and Life – Desmond Kuek at ESSEC Business School

Desmond Kuek, President and CEO of SMRT Corporation recently spoke at the Singapore iMagination Week 2016 to a bunch of enthusiastic young business graduates and future entrepreneurs. Held at ESSEC Business School, this speech was about “Leading in your Work and Life”. Work to live and live to work has become the motto of most young folks, and in the process they lose out on their imagination and creativity. Reminiscing his professional journey spanning 30 years across the military, public sector and corporate careers, Desmond inspires and intrigues everyone who listens to this video. Watch for more:

SMRT CEO on the New Maintenance OPS Centre

Continuously emphasizing on enhancing and bettering the lives of the people of Singapore, SMRT launches a new Maintenance Operations Centre. In this video, SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek speaks more about this first-of-its-kind Maintenance ops centre that aims to be an integrated capability with the intent of improving the quality of response and enhancing troubleshooting abilities. While the first run was launched in August 2015, this setup will probably be fully operational in the next year. This might just mean a superior experience with the SMRT for the desire to continuously innovate and serve better is the very core of SMRTs operations.

From General to Civilian

What happens to folks of the Army at a later point? Do some of them return to a civilian life? This interesting video gives snippets about some of the distinguished army personnel who have returned to their civilian lives but continue to serve the people of the country. Also featured is SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek, who was the 6th Chief of Singapore’s Defence Force. He moved on from the position of a Lieutenant General to become the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, following which he took charge of the SMRT.

Of Boundless Possibilities

Singapore with all it has to offer, paves the way for boundless possibilities in terms of innovation and excellence in service. With over 3 million commuters using the SMRT every day, the transport system is a highly evolved and complex and speaks well for the thirty year legacy it carries behind it. Not defined by its transits and interchanges, SMRT believes that it is characterized by the people it serves, the people who run the operations and of course the underlying mission and vision that it holds. Watch this video for an inspiring insight into the intricate mechanisms and working of the SMRT, as the CEO, Desmond Kuek takes you through the operations himself.

It’s All About The People

In this video, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek gives a working insight into the of efforts undertaken by SMRT, a name synonymous with transport. The core principle of SMRT is not merely about transit from one place to another or the interchanges. The crux of SMRT’s operations is the people it serves. And every effort made is a step towards enhancing and empowering the lives of the near 3 million commuters. Listen to Desmond Kuek as he shares his thoughts about SMRT’s commitment to excellence, and the passion and perseverance it demands.