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Enriched with a variety of experiences from his career and life, Group President and CEO of SMRT – Desmond Kuek is a thought leader in many ways. On January, 11th 2016, Mr. Kuek gave a stirring speech at the opening lecture of the iMagination Week, held at ESSEC Asia Pacific in Singapore. Here’s the inspiring line he opened his speech with:

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SMRT partners with Community Chest for an Inclusive Playground

When the entire community steps in to step up a vulnerable group, it instills a great sense of unity and belonging Community Chest is one such organization which facilitates community service in the aim of reaching out to the less fortunate in every segment of the society.

And how does this organization carry out its goal?
Community Chest operates alongside a network of partners who actively step up their Corporate Social Responsibility to use their business strengths and networks to bring joy to the lesser privileged. SMRT too has partnered with Community Chest since 2015 to engage in serving the lesser fortunate people of Singapore.

In this video, the various partners speak about their association with Community Chest. SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek speaks about the Inclusive Playground, made for children with special needs to be able to play together. Jointly created by SMRT and Community Chest, this Inclusive Playground was launched in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in 2015. “Supporting the needy of the community is in alignment with the primary motto of SMRT – Moving people and Enhancing Lives”, says Desmond Kuek.

Furthering the partnership, this year, another Inclusive Playground was opened in Ghim Moh, which also includes a fitness corner for seniors. A great way to promote interaction across generations, this playground has been received very well across the community as it helps in enabling mobility for all.

Global Transportation Hubs at the Chicago Forum on Global Cities

The Chicago Forum on Global Cities brought together global city leaders of the four key pillars that are vital to urban life – business, education, arts and culture, civics – for a multidisciplinary discussion on how they can collaborate to make their cities more economically vital, socially inclusive and environmentally liveable.
As one of the speakers at the event, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek was part of a panel on the subject of “Global Transportation Hubs” together with other speakers from Transport for London, Chicago Department of Aviation, New York Regional Plan Association and the Financial Times.
He proposed that efficiency in public transportation can be redefined, less in terms of resources and output, and more by way of connectivity – across different transport modes, in reach and access, in digital media for passenger information services, and in the customer-centric conveniences provided in the commuter journey.
Watch the video to know more:

SMRT-NTU Smart Urban Rail Corporate Laboratory Launch

The SMRT-NTU Corporate Laboratory marks a significant milestone in SMRT’s journey to improving rail reliability and delivering commuter-centric services. It is an excellent collaborative platform that brings together the operational and engineering experience of SMRT, and the scientific and research capabilities of NTU to deliver operational solutions that better serve the needs of our ageing and expanding rail transport network.
President and CEO Desmond Kuek expresses his appreciation to all partners and stakeholders who have contributed to the realization of the Corporate Laboratory.

Improving Rail Network Performance

The fancy data about SMRT being the most widely used mode of transport in Singapore, covering a cumulative distance of nearly two trips around the equator, doesn’t matter to someone who is delayed for a crucial activity. And that’s precisely the thought in the mind of SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek too. Understanding that public transport is an essential service and its frequency, reliability and affordability are vital ingredients for the liveability of a city, SMRT aims at continuously improving the rail network operations. Here’s a transcribed video with CEO Desmond Kuek’s speech about how Improving the rail network performance is imperative for ensuring passenger convenience and greater connectivity and mobility.

Leading in Your Work and Life – Desmond Kuek at ESSEC Business School

Desmond Kuek, President and CEO of SMRT Corporation recently spoke at the Singapore iMagination Week 2016 to a bunch of enthusiastic young business graduates and future entrepreneurs. Held at ESSEC Business School, this speech was about “Leading in your Work and Life”. Work to live and live to work has become the motto of most young folks, and in the process they lose out on their imagination and creativity. Reminiscing his professional journey spanning 30 years across the military, public sector and corporate careers, Desmond inspires and intrigues everyone who listens to this video. Watch for more:

SMRT CEO on the New Maintenance OPS Centre

Continuously emphasizing on enhancing and bettering the lives of the people of Singapore, SMRT launches a new Maintenance Operations Centre. In this video, SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek speaks more about this first-of-its-kind Maintenance ops centre that aims to be an integrated capability with the intent of improving the quality of response and enhancing troubleshooting abilities. While the first run was launched in August 2015, this setup will probably be fully operational in the next year. This might just mean a superior experience with the SMRT for the desire to continuously innovate and serve better is the very core of SMRTs operations.

From General to Civilian

What happens to folks of the Army at a later point? Do some of them return to a civilian life? This interesting video gives snippets about some of the distinguished army personnel who have returned to their civilian lives but continue to serve the people of the country. Also featured is SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek, who was the 6th Chief of Singapore’s Defence Force. He moved on from the position of a Lieutenant General to become the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, following which he took charge of the SMRT.