New Beginnings – Singapore Rail Transport Conference

Earlier this November, SMRT Corporation hosted the world’s leading Metro Corporations at the CoMET Annual Meeting 2016 held in Singapore. Following this, SMRT also convened the inaugural Singapore Rail Technology Conference (SRTC).

From what we hear, this was a conference focussed purely on rail technology and was attended by key rail operators and industry experts across Asia and Europe. The SRTC also facilitated discussions that encouraged the exchange of best practices, innovations and possible collaborations between the participants.

SMRT intends for this conference to be an annual feature so as to gather rail experts across the globe in rounds of healthy debates and discussions. This would certainly help in sharing information on rail technology and initiating collaborations between transport agencies, operators and academic institutions. Such conferences are steps towards safe, reliable and customer-centric public transport services for commuters.

Here’s a glimpse of dignitaries including SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek attending the event:

SMRT Rain Conference

SMRT – Singapore Rail Transport Conference

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